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Welcome to Sheaiden Computers!


There is a large amount of inaccurate, incomplete, and confusing collections of random information available on the web, but no site seems to have a concise collection of detailed and accurate hardcore specs. We decided to change that.


At first, we were just collecting information for ourselves, as we found ourselves referencing it repeatedly in the course of posting in the forums and helping people at our college. Eventually, it occurred to us that others may find this information useful, so here it is.


What is Here:


Our site is divided into two main categories: Hardware Specs and Articles.


The Hardware Specs section covers:


  • AMD Desktop Single Core Processors, Post Athlon XP
  • AMD Desktop Dual Core Processors
  • AMD Desktop Processors, Athlon XP and previous
  • Intel Desktop Single Core Processors, Post-Pentium III
  • Intel Desktop Dual Core Processors
  • Intel Desktop Processors, Pentium III and Previous
  • ATI 3D Video Cards, from the original Rage 128 up through (Currently) the X850 series
  • nVidia 3D video Cards, from the original TNT up through (Currently) the GeForce 6800 series
  • RAM Speeds, Specs, Standards and Information, from DRAM chips to DDR2 SDRAM
  • We currently have limited information on Intel's socket 478 chipsets, Hard Drive, and Optical Drives.


The Articles section contains Articles, How-tos, Explanations, FAQs, and a glossary to help explain what all those confusing terms mean.


Articles are based on analysis of current technologies and trends within technology, and may contain evaluations, as well as speculations.


How-Tos describe how to use those analyses. Examples: How to choose parts for a new computer (Note: in a general sense-These will help you learn how to do something, not necessarily walk you through your current problem).


Explanations tend to get technical in nature and explain how one technology relates to another-for example, describing how the timings on your RAM work, and what each timing does. In this example, knowing this would be useful in determining how to best overclock your system.


FAQs will be for now based on questions we think people should be asking, as well as questions we have seen asked on forums we frequent.


The Glossary will contain a list of brief definitions.


Future Plans


We are hoping to develop in these ways:

  • Update the graphics card sections to include the current generations of cards (through X1800, and GeForce 7800 series)
  • Reordering RAM section, perhaps add high-performance non-standard DDR2 specs
  • Develop our miscellaneous sections with Optical drive and hard drive information
  • Collect information on chipsets
  • Eventually, we would like to offer a service for custom configuration and local building of computers.